We manufacture, export and supply excellent quality Bolt Threading Machine that is predominantly used to produce superior quality threads. Our Bolt Threading Machine is highly valued for its flawless performance, durability, sturdy construction and high accuracy. Bolt Threading Machine, offered by us, is used for cutting external thread on bolts by chasing method. HSS Tangential Chasers are used as cutters. Bolt remains stationery and die head rotates. BSP, MATRIX, BSPT, NPT, UNF, UNC, BSW, Acme Threads can be cut on this machine depending upon the type of Chasers. Our Bolt Threading Machine mainly consists of base, head stock, saddle, pillar or bed type clamping vice and die head.

Design & Workmanship

The National Machinery Corp. Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines are designed to produce quality threads within the tolerance for which they were intended.

Head Stock

A heavy duty geared head box is of best quality casting providing support to the spindle bearings. The box is of gear type, lubricated and fitted with three extra heavy duty bearings.

Range of NCT Bolt Threading machines and Die Heads

  • 3/8'' to 1.12'' do/-
  • 1/2'' to 2 .1/2" do/-

Standard Specification of NCT Bolt Threading Machines

Model Super Deluxe 3/8" To 1.1/2" 1/2" To 2.1/2"
Saddle Movement 11'' 10'' to 12''
Spindle Speed Range 32-54 54-85
Number of Spindle Speed 2 2
Threading Capacity 3/8'' to 1.1/2'' 1/2" To 2.1/2"
Production per Hour 60 to 80 45 to 80
H.P. Required 3 H.P. 960 RPM 7.5 H.P.960 RPM
Automatic Leading Cut off As per demand As per demand
Space Required 24'' x 65'' 42" x 65"
Weight (KG) 550 990

Technical Specifications

Model NCT-1" 1/4" to 1"
Saddle Movement 10"
Spindle Speed Range 60-90
Number of Spindle Speed 2
Threading Capacity 1/4" to 1"
Production per Hour 60-80
H.P. Required 3 H.P. 960 RPM
Lead Screw NIL
Weight (KG) 500

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