NCT Bar Coupler is a parallel-threaded mechanical splicing system designed for the connection of concrete reinforcing bars from Ø 12 mm Ø40 mm.

Designed and manufactured in compliance with ACI 318, BS 8110, DIN 1045, ASME sec.III Div 2and IS 16172

  • Full-Tension splice : satisfying codal load requirement
  • Maintains full ductility of reinforcement
  • Easy Installation,no torque wrench required
  • NCT Bar Coupler fits all splicing requirements
  • Manufactured under strict quality assurance plan
  • Full traceability of material origin and production batch
  • Type 2 Coupler suitable for seismic areas
  • Solves Bar Congestion problems
  • No staggering of spliced bars

NCT Couplers should be manufactured only in a dedicated specialized plant of the manufacturer and should not be from different sub contractors i.e., outsourced by supplier from various vendors.

Manufacturers plant must be visited to actually ensure the manufacturing capability of supplier. This is extremely important otherwise there will be no Quality Control.

Plant need to be ISO Certified 9001-2008 from a reputable agency like ICM CERTIFICATION (P) LTD who actually verify the process that the manufacture is following the right quality procedure. You may also ask them for a Quality Inspection Manual as mandatory for ISO certification and the same should be readily available if the company is genuinely ISO and has its own manufacturing facilities Providing and fixing Mechanical Splicing using threaded coupler to the threaded reinforcement bars of specified dia and grade using high yield strength standard couplers of specially produced steel to join ribbed bearing bars machine cut end to end conforming to IS specification (ref : IS CODE for Mechanical splicing 16172:2014).

The performance of the mechanical splice is to be determined with reference to IS 1786:2008 and IS 456:2000. Cost to include necessary supply of threaded couplers of various diameters, reducing diameters, transportation, coupling at site by mechanical means, erection at site, testing of random samples, testing of joints at site using ultrasonic methods required by Structural consultant at intervals as directed, protection of threaded ends using PVC covers, all tools and tackels, lead and lift etc., complete at all levels and location specified as per drawings. Cost also to include the reinforcing bars of specified dia to be threaded by mechanical means conforming to IS 16172:2014 (Approved Makes Proprietary mechanical splicing system is provided by us, ensures performance guarantee as per the international codes BS 5440 Part 4-1990 & BS 8110-Part1-1989, ACI 318 and Indian codes.IS;1608-1995R-2001AD.1 & IS; 228(P-1) 1987-R-2002,IS;228(P9) 1989,R-2004 & IS;228 (P-3) 1987, R-2002. ACI 318-ll Type 2 , ICC AC -133 also IBC ( International Building Code) and should exceed 135% of yield strength of the rebar. The specified Grade of Rebar is GRADE 75 ( 500 N/ ASTM 615.


The end of the reinforcement bars is sawn square.

Cold Forging

With the help of patented cold forging, the sawn end of the reinforcing bar is then enlarged. With this the core diameter of the bar is increased to pre determined diameter.


An ISO standard metric thread is then cut


Model Number 16 MM TO 40 MM
Brand Name NCT

Additional Information

Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Packaging Details Wooden Box

Technical Specifications

Size (mm) Thread Diameter (mm) Length (mm) MM Pitch Weight(Kg)
12 M16 22 30 2 0.062
16 M20 27 42 2.5 0.082
18 M22 30 45 2.5 0.114
20 M24 34 48 3 0.153
22 M27 38 54 3 0.207
25 M30 42 60 3.5 0.303
28 M33 45 70 3.5 0.398
32 M36 53 72 4 0.608
36 M39 60 85 4 0.875
40 M45 63 90 4.5 1.138

Machinery used for Rebar Splicing System

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